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Tuskegee University is located in Tuskegee, Alabama, which is 40 miles east of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, and 20 miles west of the city of Auburn, Alabama. It is also within easy driving distance to the cities of Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia.

South FL high school students are cordially invited to visit the Historical Tuskegee University (TU). Students will have an opportunity to: 

*Apply to TU

* Tour the campus

*Interact with Deans/Professors & current students

*Obtain scholarship & financial aid info

*Meet athletic staff

*Tour the home of Booker T. Washington

*Stay at world famous Kellogg Center, managed by TU students

*Lunch on campus with current TU students

*Tour of the George Washington Carver Museum 

The academic programs at TU are organized into five colleges and three schools: (1) the College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences; (2) the College of Arts and Sciences; (3) the Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science; (4) the College of Engineering; (5) the College of Veterinary Medicine; (6) the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science; (7) the School of Education; and (8) the School of Nursing and Allied Health. The curricula for these colleges and schools currently offer over 50 degrees including 39 Bachelor's, 13 Master's, 2 Doctor's of Philosophy: one in Materials Science and Engineering, and one in Integrative BioSciences, and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Graduate instruction leading to the Master's degree and Doctor of Philosophy Degree is offered in some of the colleges and schools.

Come and see what TU has to offer. Join us for two days of academic and historic filled activities. High School seniors, juniors and sophomores are cordially invited to participate in this college tour. Students will tour the campus of TU, which includes visiting campus housing, classrooms, study halls. Students will interact with local students and have an opportunity to obtain necessary admissions information and/or apply to the university. TU administration, deans, professors and current students will be hands on to provide first handand direct information regarding TU. Students are encouraged to bring sealed transcript, copy of ACT/SAT scores. 

Travel dates and cost:

THE HBCU SHUTTLE will depart from south Fl (South Miami, Miami/Miramar, Pompano, WPB & Gainesville): March 24th through March 26th.Travel will include a two (2) night stay on the campus of TU. Each student will be required to submit a signed parental consent form. In addition, a teleconference call will be held on 02/13/17 with all participants, including parents, chaperones and alumni.  

The total cost is $240.00 per person (includes round trip transportation, hotel based on double occupancy, lunch on campus, historical tour, note taking supplies). Payment deadline: 02/15/17. For more information call (800) 675-1031. 

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