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Credit,cancellation luggage policies

Things happen! Change in schedule, new appointment date, well THE HBCU understands that life can sometime throw a curve ball in best made plans. So take a moment to review our policy and keep in mind, you can always call and speak with us directly.

All Cancellations must be submitted in writing via e-mail to Cancellation policy is as follows:

0-5 days prior to travel date - NO REFUND. Credit voucher will be issued and must be used within 90 days.Cancellation must be in writing and submitted via e-mail to or per CONTACT US link found on this website.

6 days or greater - Cash/credit refund - please note that cancellation must be in writing and submitted via e-mail to Please note that refunds to credit card will be done immediately, however, depending on your credit card billing cycle, the credit may take up to 15 days to show up as a credit on your account depending on your credit card billing cycle. Once we have initiated the credit request, all additional actions are handled by the respective banks. We will make every effort to issue credits within 72 hours.

NO REFUND AND/OR CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF STUDENT MISS THE BUS! NO EXCEPTIONS. Prior to departing from each college/university, we will make one attempt to contact those students who have not boarded, 10 minutes prior to departure. It is the responsibility of each student to check in in and board THE HBCU SHUTTLE in a timely manner.

All cancellations will be assessed a $10 administrative fee.

The HBCU SHUTTLE adheres to the rules and regulations of The Department of Transportation, specifically outlined for commercial vehicles. Please be advised that students will be limited to the number of luggage pieces allowed. This policy, which will be strictly enforced, will enable us to ensure the safety of all passengers on THE HBCU SHUTTLE. Students will be limited to the following number of luggage pieces and sizes: . 

For carry-on baggage, all customers traveling on THE HBCU SHUTTLE will be restricted to one carry-on item and one personal item. The carry-on bag must be stowed under the seat in front of the passenger or in the overhead compartment. Garment bags and small musical instruments are considered one of the allotted pieces.

      * Students will be allowed two pieces of luggage if those pieces are, 25 inches or smaller and weigh less than 25 lbs


      * Students will be allowed one (1) MEDIUM bag, if that piece is no more than 40 inches ( + width + height) and weigh 30 lbs or less.

* items such as , laptop and book bag will be allowed.

* Luggage exceeding the aforementioned requirements will assessed $10 per piece. LUGGAGE WEIGHING 50 LBS. OR MORE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE HBCU SHUTTLE WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL FROM OUR OFFICE.  

Additional luggage - $10 per piece

Bins, extra large luggage and/or duffel bags -$20

Refrig, microwaves, foot lockers - $25 each 

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