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Enhanced Cleanliness:

The HBCU Shuttle travelers have always appreciated our commitment to maintaining the cleanliness of our motor coaches. We have implemented more steps and products in our daily cleaning processes to further sanitize and help stop the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. We have added ultraviolet lights in our on-board filtration systems. Further, will also utilize Ozone Air Purifiers and an Ultra-Low Volume Fogger Sprayer in the disinfection process during the daily cleaning of the buses.  

Our Drivers will also be taking extra measures to help keep the bus sanitary trips. Common areas will be wiped down pre/post trips with Clorox/Lysol wipes well as in between trips when passengers take break(s). This will include, but not be limited to common areas such as, frequently touched by passengers such as; arm rests, head rests, door handles, entrance step railing, restroom door handles, restroom grab handles, overhead luggage compartments, etc

 We will continue to monitor the guidelines set by our government and the CDC as well as any future technology developed that may be effective in the sanitizing of our buses. 

Social Distancing: The HBCU SHUTTLE's policy will be to adhere to any guidelines provided by the CDC however, currently there are no mandated policies provided by the CDC for bus travel. Our administrative staff will work with university/college officials and group leaders on to develop and implement any further safeguards they may suggest.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Since there are individual reasons for selecting specific types of masks, we will have a “bring your own mask” policy on your charters. Our policy will be the same regarding gloves and hand sanitizer. If you anticipate wanting to use gloves and/or hand sanitizer while traveling with us, please be sure to bring your own supply of the type with which you are most comfortable. MASK are REQUIRED when loading and departing the bus. Further, MASK are to remain on during the entire time of travel. Your cooperation in this mater is appreciated. 

Our drivers and staff are required to wear masks at all times. The safety of all of us is priority. If new regulation is provided by the Center for Disease Control, then will make changes to this policy as required. Please note, if your personal choice is not to wear a mask then we ask that you seek an alternate method of travel. 

Thank you and we appreciate your business and continued support!!!

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